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Movie Props from Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)
(I also collect props from other movies which can be seen here.)

This is an online museum for original props used in the movie Team America: World Police.
Most are screen-used props and set pieces, but everything here was production made by the studio.

I am always interested in buying Team America props. If you have anything you want to sell, please E-mail me.

(Even if you don't want to sell it, I'd love to hear about it! If it's not pictured here, send me a picture of it!)

Click on the images for detailed descriptions and more pictures
Full Scale = Puppet Scale, roughly 1/3 real world.
(Most links still under construction)
(Hover cursor over picture for quick description)
Props and set pieces
Full scale Hero Team America Hummer
Working Video Watch
Full scale F-X Hummer body
Gary's Dressing Room Table w/ Mirror, End Table & Divider

Full scale Interior Detail Hummer body
Gary's Dressing Room props (framed portrait, cars and bookshelf)
Miniature Hummer

Team Base props (medical console and Gary's books)
Hero Team America Helicopter
Panama Guy's Steel Drum
F.A.G. Conference Room props
Full-size Lamborghini Diable Limousine
Team Base Props (martini shaker, drinks, whiskey glass)
F-X Lamborghini Diablo Limousine

Kim Jong Il's Torture Chair
Kim Jong Il's Water Torture Faucet
Team America Jet

Kim Jong Il's photo
Kim Jong Il's nuke markers
Mini Newspaper
Team America Osprey

Lisa's Bedroom Flowers
Lisa's Bedside Clock
Lisa's Pet Cat
Gary's Full-size Motorcycle
Lisa's Bedroom props (purse, bag, photos)
Full Scale Renault 4
Lisa's Bedroom props (table, bunny slippers)

Taxi's and Police Car from Times Square

Team America Cairo missiles
Team America Eiffel Tower Missile
Taxi from Brooklyn Bridge

Team America and Korean Submarine Torpedo (one prop)
Camera Test Helicopter

Original Jet Engine Model
Mini Terrorist Jeep resin mold
Terrorist Jeep Body

TV and Chair from Back Alley
Unused 'World Police' fabric
Lamborghini Countach Limo prototype

Jet/Osprey Cockpit instrument panel
Pair of Bicycles from Paris

Helicopter Cockpit instrument panel

Props from other collections and eBay
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